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Making the decision to live in Key West is just the beginning. Searching for the Perfect Property can be an involved and tedious process. My Website will help you navigate through the needed information.
My Mission Statement:
My objective is to totally educate you about the market in Key West and the Lower Keys. This includes my help getting you through all the tedious tasks such as negotiations for a price, appraisals, inspections, mortgage financing, homeowners insurance plus closing details, title companies and/or real estate attorneys.

That way you can make informed decisions when choosing your future home in Paradise.

Key West and the Lower Keys Homes and Condos for Sale

Welcome! Here, there is a plethora of information about Lower Florida Keys real estate. Buying or selling? No problem. Our team is well-versed in all things Keys. And, we understand the nuances of Lower Keys Real Estate like none other. The fact of the matter is, Lower Florida Keys real estate is a particularly powerful investment. Its draw is global in reach because of its location, climate, and laidback lifestyle.

Key West and the Lower Keys Luxury Homes for Sale

Luxury homes in the Lower Florida Keys, range in price, and can easily exceed $1 million. But, what are luxury homes? Luxury homes are usually priced higher than other properties in the area, boasting luxe amenities, are in a prime location, and feature outstanding quality.

Luxury homes generally offer larger square footage, larger lot sizes, better views, as well as deeper water boating access. (Deepwater boating access generally refers to 4 feet deep or deeper.)

Key West and the Lower Keys Luxury  Condos, Condominiums, Townhouse for Sale

Here in the Lower Florida Keys, many properties are townhomes and condos. Many of these housing types are located on Marathon and Key West. As a result of their prime location, most will command a larger price. But, it’s worthwhile considering the view and location. For more information about condo and townhomes in the Lower Florida Keys, please visit the following page.

Key West and the Lower Keys Vacant Land

One persistent myth about the Keys, and the Lower Keys, in particular, is there is no vacant land. However, this isn’t true. There are lots available and these represent an awesome opportunity. Be it a small home to start or going for the big dream home. It’s possible to build a custom house in the Keys.

Investing in Key West and the Lower Keys

Usually, the rule of thumb in purchasing real estate for an investment is to buy with an exit strategy. It’s said money is made at the buy. Meaning, buy low, let it appreciate, build equity, and then sell. However, in highly desirable locations, the dynamics are quite different. Here in the Florida Keys, real estate enjoys a steady increase in value, year-over-year, but at a higher rate than landlocked areas. So, properties experience more appreciation. While the initial acquisition price is more, the payoff is substantially greater in the end.

Big Pine Key Homes for Sale

Big Pine Key is among one of the largest in the entire island archipelago. It’s also one of the most interesting. For instance, water depth here affects prices. So, a property with a foot to a foot and a half of water depth isn’t as expensive as a property with 4 or more feet.

Of course, this does limit or open the possibility of certain watercraft. Shallow draft vessels can approach in less depth, while deeper draft requires deeper water.

However, this does not mean deep water is always better. There is much variety. So, it’s possible to find a shallow water approach to a property with backcountry grounds.

Little Torch Homes for Sale

Little Torch is one of the more “untouched” islands in the Florida Keys. Located like its peers between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Lower Florida Keys.

It’s very traveled because it boasts

Little Torch recreation includes, but is not limited to power boating, sightseeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, volleyball, scuba, and much more.

It’s also known for its strict building codes, which means homes are built to high standards and therefore retain and increase in value quite well. Which means real estate here enjoys a stable, and often upward, value.

Ramrod Key Homes for Sale

Ramrod Key, located nearby Looe Key and fairly close to Duck Key, is a sparsely populated island in the Lower Florida Keys. It’s actually named for an early nineteenth-century ship that fell victim to an unfortunate fate right off the coast, where it wrecked.

Ramrod Key is best known for its unspoiled beauty and scenic views. It’s also popular with nature enthusiasts, along with those who like the great outdoors. Like some of the other islands in the Lower Florida Keys, there are few businesses on the island. But, its location and geography make it ideal for many recreational pursuits. Those include power boating and sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, sightseeing, and much more.


Summerland Key Homes for Sale

Summerland Key is situated about twenty miles to the west of the furthest island south of the Florida peninsula, Key West. Summerland Key is home to the Brinton Environmental Center and a well-known marine research center.

Most Summerland Key residents only live on the island, making it more of a bedroom community. The majority commute to work on Key West or Marathon.

One factor that makes Summerland Key standout, is the fact that it’s more populated with businesses than the other islands. Those businesses thrive, thanks to the patronage of the locals, as well as visitors to the island.

However, this key is also unlike many of the other familiar suburban communities located in other parts of the country, such as the northeast, midwest, and northwest. Summerland Key boasts tons of unspoiled scenery and since it’s located in the Lower Florida Keys, outdoor recreation is available to enjoy nearly every single day of the year.

Here on Summerland Key, there are many recreational opportunities. These include sightseeing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, power boating, scuba diving, paddleboarding, biking, leisurely hikes, as well as plenty of breathtaking sunsets and spectacular sunrises.

Cudjoe Key and Cudjoe Gardens Homes for Sale

Cudjoe Key is yet another gem in the Lower Florida Keys. It’s located between Sugarloaf Key and Big Pine Key. Accessible from U.S. Highway 1, it lies 111 miles southwest of the largest metropolitan city, Miami. Cudjoe Key is also about 20 miles north of Key West.

Cudjoe Key is also part of the Lower Florida Keys. It’s home to about 1,700 full-time residents, making it one of the more populated. But, it remains roomy, boasting a number of spaces to enjoy. The island of Cudjoe Key is also known for its many vacation rental homes, which visitors come to enjoy throughout the year. Here, residents and visitors alike take advantage of the long shoreline that stretches along the coast of the island.

Popular outdoor activities include such enjoyments as boating, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, fishing, sightseeing, and more. So, take a trip and sail the Atlantic Ocean or fish out in the Gulf of Mexico. Dive and discover underwater wonders, such as coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Enjoy a more slow-paced experience by snorkeling in the shallows or kayak over top of the waves. Take a day to explore the natural side and then finish it out by enjoying a beautiful sunset. Wake to an awesome sunrise and do it all over again.

Sugarloaf Key Homes for Sale

Much like Islamorada, Sugarloaf Key is actually more than one island. Sugarloaf Key is made up of two islands, Upper Sugarloaf Key and Lower Sugarloaf Key. It’s one of the more developed areas in the Lower Florida Keys. Sugarloaf Key boasts a fire department, an airport, and two public schools. It’s also home to the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge.

Sugarloaf Key is one of the most affluent islands in the Florida Keys. Most residents here are younger, about middle age. But, it’s still diverse and there are many residential real estate opportunities. Additionally, Sugarloaf Key residents earn more in median household income than the statewide median.

Key West Homes, Condos, Condominiums and Townhouse for Sale

Key West, the southernmost island in the Florida Keys and the most visited in the Lower Florida Keys, is also the most populated. There are about 25,000 residents here, more than any other in the island archipelago running between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Like Sugarloaf Key, the median household income on Key West is greater than the Sunshine State median. The population is also quite young, relative to the other islands.

Key West is not only known as the southernmost point in the United States, it’s also well-known for its terrific weather and wonderful tropical climate. Here, winters are super mild, with overnight temperatures falling into the mid to high 60s. Daytime highs reach the mid to high 70s from December through February. Meanwhile, the fall and spring seasons are simply invigorating, with summers being balmy and breezy.

Key West offers plenty of outdoor recreation and fun. And, because of the weather, courtesy of the tropical climate, it’s enjoyable nearly every day of the year. Kayak, fish, snorkel, bike, run, paddle board, scuba, sightsee, and get up and close with all kinds of natural encounters. Take in the spectacular sunsets and awe-inspiring sunrises. Also, take in a live show. It’s all here and waiting for you to discover.

As far as residential real estate goes, Key West has much to offer at a wide range of price points. Real estate here boasts incredible appreciation and a fabulous ROI. Come to see what’s here and learn how it’s total in reach to be your part-time or full-time home.


Key West Homes for sale