Affordable Lower Keys Homes for sale

What you have to Know about Buying Real Estate in Key West and the Keys!

Now that you are seriously considering owning a Key West home–You need to know that my main responsibility is to make sure that all the Details—no matter how Big or Small are taken care of.
This includes giving you, ALL the information you need to know about the Total home buying process from start to finish.
A few Examples of what to look at before buying a home here.
Because of environmental concerns, there are Insurance issues to consider and how they can affect getting future building permits.
• If you are buying Waterfront property, depending on how large your boat is or will be, then the boating draft is a main issue as well as access to open water—bridges etc.
• If you’re buying a Condo, then you’ll need to know which ones have done upgrades to maintain their value.
• If you’re buying a waterfront home there are some VERY important things you;ll have to know.
• If you’re considering using your home as a rental—You’ll want to know the requirements-laws-rental periods and more
These are a few of the property buying situations you’ll need to know.
We have such a wonderful lifestyle here. You’re going to love the golf and tennis, going to the gym, boating with your family and friends, dining at our local restaurants and being involved at church and in the community.
What isn’t to love about seeing an evening sunset from my back window or reading for an hour at the beach?
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I am a 37 year resident of Key West who loves and cares about our island. I have seen alot of changes here but still am a believer of the Florida Keys real estate market. Married to a wonderful man who shares in my love of the water (both of us certified divers) and motorcycling (I have a ’73 Harley Davidson shovelhead). Lifetime member of ABATE, dog owner and lover, real estate owner, foster parent.

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